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  • Find Groups by Country or by State/Province
    • Select a country, and then click the “Click for List” button.
    • Select a state or province, and then click the “Click for List” button.
    • Clicking the “Reset” button for either option will return the entire list of New Horizons groups.
  • Find Groups by Ensemble Type or by Director/Conductor
    • Select the ensemble type, and then click the “Click for List” button.
    • The “Band” selection may return some groups that aren’t regular concert type bands, but instead are some other type of Band (i.e., Jazz Band).
    • Clicking the “Reset” button will return the entire list of New Horizons groups.
    • To find the group(s) with a specific director/conductor, type in the name of the director. Some groups have mulitple directors, and this option will find all groups associated with any director, as long as you know their first or last name. You can use upper or lower case letters.
    • If you know there is a director named “Mark”, type Mark in the textbox, and all groups that have a director with the name of Mark will be returned. You can also type last names, or first and last names together. When you know the full name, this will narrow the search results considerably.
    • This type of search will return any group where the director field “contains” the letters of the name you are typing, in the order you type them. For example, “andy” will return groups with a director whose name is Andy OR Sandy.
    • Clicking the “Clear Field” button will return the entire list of New Horizons groups.
  • You can sort the list by Name or Name of Organization at any time, no matter what search feature you are currently using, by clicking the column headings.
  • The page size (how many groups you see on any page) is fixed at 25.
  • The First, Next, Previous, and Last buttons allow you to page through the list.
  • At the top of this page just above the music graphic is a count of groups listed. Initially, it is the count of the entire database, but will change as you use the tools to narrow your search.
  • To display the details on any group in your search, click in any row of the list. The “Return to Group Listing” button at the top and bottom of any group's details will return you to the listing of groups in your current search.

To update or add a New Horizons group, click the “Updates and Additions” button on the top left of this page. The “Local NHIMA Representatives” button will show you a list of local NHIMA Representatives, and the “Update or Add NHIMA Rep” button will allow you to make changes to or add a new local NHIMA representative.


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Find Groups by Ensemble Type or by Director/Conductor

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